Jolly Holiday Theatre Thoughts


“Oh it’s a jolly holiday with Mary, a jolly, jolly holiday with you”

Bert in “Mary Poppins”

Every year, since the age of about 13, I have been saying “I really want to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival”… and this year, with a good dose of Y.O.L.O and a wish to tick another thing off my pre-30 bucket list, I FINALLY MADE IT! Just as a visitor…hopefully performing there will happen next time…but, I digress…Jon and I had a great couple of days watching 7 shows…oh and stopping off to see Opera on Location’s “Tosca” in Sheffield on the way back to London. It was theatre-going of epic proportions…I saw a few shows in London before and after my jolly so I’m feeling fired up and inspired by it all…we won’t talk about how my bank balance is feeling!

I’m not writing a review because, as Theodore Roosevelt said “It’s not the critic who counts” … Instead, I’m going to tell you, in short, a few of my favourite things about each show. Click on the titles of each show to find out further information about it and some actual reviews, if you fancy!

  1. “Don’t Panic – It’s Challenge Anneka!” : free sweets, ribena, poignant depiction of anxiety attacks, clever use of film and multiple role play.
  2. “Thrones – The Musical” : The parody of the opening of ‘Hamilton’ sung by Tyrion Lannister satisfied my ‘Game of Thrones’ and theatre geekery….oh and I got a free sweet.
  3. “Jonathan Pie: Live” : I want to know the secret of how he maintains his ‘full-rant’ energy for the entire show.
  4. “Sh*tfaced Showtime” : A very drunk Mabel singing “Poor Wandering One” from the Pirates of Penzance and nailing about 80% of it is no mean feat… a lot of singers can only sing 50% of it when they’re sober!! She was my favourite.
  5. “My World Has Exploded A Little Bit”: I tear up just thinking about this play, even 3 weeks after seeing it…such an honest, raw account of the schizophrenic nature of grief. On the vague off chance that any big-shot producers might read this – PLEASE GIVE THIS SHOW A RUN SOMEWHERE! It needs to be seen by more people and Bella Heesom seems like a super switched on, intelligent writer and compelling actress who I’d like to be my friend thank you please!
  6. “Sam Fletcher – Daftwerk” : Sam is a fabulously silly stand-up comedian who happens to be an old school pal of mine. I laughed a lot through this show and my favourite things were the wide array of ‘party games’ that he has invented, especially “Which Way is the Spoon?”… sure fire classic in the making.
  7. “That’s the way aha-aha Joe Lycett” – the fact that you have to have to sing the title of the show for it to make sense, the parking ticket joke – brilliant.

So that plus a wee dram or two and a full Scottish brekkie…was my first Edinburgh fringe trip!





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