Dance it out


‘I could have danced all night’ Eliza Dolittle – My Fair Lady

 A bit of a different post this week… and one I’m a little nervous about sharing…but seeing as I’d promised myself that I would use this space as a place to exercise my creativity and exorcise my blue moods…here goes…

I wrote a poem in a fit of insomnia last August. Writer/poet is not a label of mine. These words are just a simple expression of how it feels to do something you love and the pain that stifling that passion can cause without you really noticing. Basically, I just want to remind you all to do what you love and love what you do! I love dancing (and writing pretentious poetry when I can’t sleep). Boom.

My soul is a dancer

She is strong and elegant

She spins and leaps and balances

Her feet are tired, her legs ache

And they are happy

She is used and spent

Never static

Her stillness is beautiful, calm and clear.

When she is crushed she fights her way through

In twitches

In tremors and unhappy aches

In racing minds, cruel knots intertwined

with useless lethargy

through this pen she unwinds and shakes me awake.

My soul is a dancer.

She is poised, she is flowing,

She is bending, not breaking,

She is running,

She is jumping, heart pumping, she slides,

She reaches, she turns, she leaps, she lands

With effortless grace.

My soul is a dancer.

She is ready to soar.



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