Getting Your Priorities Right


“Unfortunately something always has to go by the wayside”

– Julie Andrews, The New York Times, Mar. 14 1982.

Dear Julie, 

Why am I not practically perfect yet? When will I get there?

 Yours, impatiently, Rosie

The pursuit of perfection is futile. I know that. Nobody’s perfect. Even Poppins is only ‘practically perfect’… The tape measure doesn’t say 100% completely, utterly perfect.

In my previous post about going for the gold, I pledged my commitment to ‘dream of the things I am seeking’… To dream of my desires, rather than measurable goals that can be marked with a tick or cross. I am seeking joy, love, creativity, connection, abundance… not a performing contract/a super hot bod/more stuff. This change in mind set, and the doodles in my diary that remind me of it, are helping me to feel happier. But Veronica, my inner chimp, still chats self destructive bullshit a lot of the time.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s OK to trip up. It’s OK to have bad days. Julie said in an interview back in 1982: “Unfortunately, something always goes by the wayside”. And she is right. You can’t do everything. I am often reminded by my amazing family that I am not superwoman. BUT I WANT TO BE! I set ridiculously high standards for myself and, in bullying myself when I don’t meet them, I use up energy that would be better spent on other things. I know this. That’s ok. Because I am aware, I am able to fall into this pattern less often.

There is so much written and said in self-help/successful business/peak performance/productivity literature about priorities. The common pattern that always comes up is that it is not doing what is urgent that helps you to succeed but doing what is important. Here is a great little video from Marie Forleo talking about this.

I am trying to get into the habit of prioritising what is important, over what is urgent. I learnt my lesson a month or so ago when I hurt my lower back. I’m fine now! I went to see a chiropractor and my Alexander Technique teacher and it was better very soon after. I realised that the injury could have been prevented by keeping up my Alexander Technique exercises and semi-supine practice (find out what I’m talking about here) and stretching before and after exercise. I learnt that the thing you need the most is often the thing that gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list. When you are super busy with work, socialising can often go by the wayside. When you are tired, you can’t muster the will to exercise. The socialising and the exercise are the things that you need at that time. Notice what you are resisting because it is not urgent and see if it’s important. It probably is. Do that important thing. Let responding to that urgent email ‘go by the wayside’ for a little while.


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