Goal setting and go-getting


“All I want is a room somewhere, Far away from the cold night air, With one enormous chair, Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly?!”

Eliza Dolittle – My Fair Lady. 

Played by Julie Andrews in the Original Broadway and London Productions.

We could all probably rewrite this popular show tune several times over with our own individual wants and wishes:

“All I want is a West End show, one audition without a “No”, a youthful, radiant glow…Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly? ” is just one that popped into my head…I could go on…but I won’t.

We all want something. Whether it’s to have a successful career, find a partner, go on an trip around the world, have a family, buy some amazing new clothes, own a home or whatever…We have goals/targets/resolutions…things to ‘go get’.

I am an avid list maker and every now and then…usually when I’m feeling a bit blah…I sit down and write lists and lists of things that I want to achieve. I did this last week and came  up with not one but EIGHT separate lists of “GOALS” that relate to how I’m trying to improve as a human.

  • Performing Career Goals
  • Teaching Career Goals
  • Blog/Creative Project Goals
  • Fitness/Health Goals
  • Personal and Relationship Goals
  • Habits I want to create
  • Habits I want to change
  • Short term goals: i.e. More generic ‘To-do’ list

It felt good to get this stuff out of my head and part of me thought, “Great! Let’s do this!” and since writing those lists a week ago, I have made some progress. BUT THEN…Oh no! That annoying destructive voice reared it’s ugly head and said :

“You’ll never achieve all those things…You’ve written lists like this before so many times and you never achieve them all…and therefore you suck. You are rubbish and you are getting older and you are never going to be anywhere near half as awesome and talented as Julie Andrews/Beyoncé/insert inspirational figure or person you are jealous of here”

Wow. Ok. So I figured that there has got to be a better way. How can I work towards achieving my goals without getting stuck in that familiar rut of bullying myself and feeling like a failure?

So I logged onto YouTube and stumbled across a lady called Marie Forleo interviewing author of “The Desire Map”, Danielle Laporte (You can watch the interview here). I hadn’t heard of this book or Danielle’s work but I’m going to do some more research into it because what she said seemed like the perfect solution to my problem… Instead of asking “What do I want?”, ask “How do I want to feel?” 


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